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Ops-Core BUMP Helmet (Tan)

Ops-Core BUMP Helmet (Tan)

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The Ops-Core FAST Bump Helmet is feature-rich, low-cost alternative to their popular FAST Bump Carbon Fiber Shell. Designed to include all the revolutionary bells and whistles of the FAST series, the Bump does not disappoint. The shell is constructed of an injection-molded polymer (35% glass-filled Nylon) for an extremely rigid structure. There is no bending or warping often found in other polymer “skater-type” helmets. The second difference is in the night vision shroud. The FAST Bump has its shroud in-molded directly in the shell. This truly innovative design feature creates an extremely rigid and stable platform for attaching night vision mounts and cuts down on the overall weight because of the lack of hardware. The Ops-Core FAST Bump retains all the features of the FAST family of helmets.

The in-molded shroud is designed to interface with standard NVG Mount Brackets. These include the Standard-Issue USGI Rhino Mount, Norotos AKA2 and INVG, Wilcox L4 G24, L4 G01 L4 G02, L4 G21, L4G29, etc. The molded is tight which reduces wobble. The shell’s paint adds a small layer of thickness as well, which will crack off in certain contact areas. But, this extra several thousandths of material helps to stabilize the mount. The polymer is thick in this section, so there are no worries of it cracking or breaking under normal use.

Like its cousins, the FAST Carbon and FAST Ballistic Shells, the Bump utilizes the latest generation of the Ops-Core OCC-Dial suspension system. This system features an adjustable “fit-band” that tightens or loosens around the user’s head, providing more support and even weight distribution around the cranium. Instead of relying solely on position-able pads, the OCC-Dial makes contact in a complete loop around the head, thus eliminating “hotspots” of contact that can be annoying/painful during prolonged missions. The latest generation system has a better-knurled rotational knob for ease of use with gloves. The forehead padding has been greatly increased in depth and area from previous generations, adding to user comfort. The fit-band allows for better integration of ear-pro and comms headsets. It can be undone from the brow, allowing the headset to slide in between the shell and the fit-band. The rest of the OCC-Dial system is made up of position-able EPP impact pads and LDV closed cell comfort foam. These, too, have been upgraded with softer padding than their predecessors. They are not affected by altitude, temperature, or moisture. The suspension system is rounded out by the ever-popular Ops-Core Head-Lok chin strap system.

The sides of the helmet sport proprietary FAST-ARC 4-position Rail Connectors for securing accessories like lights. These ARC’s act as the hub for an entire suite of modular accessories.

The FAST Bump Helmet incorporates the BISS-NVD lanyard/ elastic tensioner which eliminates night vision mount rattle and vibration by keeping your devices taut against the helmet shell. When not in use, the bungie-cord lanyards hook into holes under the shroud for storage.

    • The FAST Bump high cut shell is designed for less extreme
    • environments where exposure to great blunt trauma forces is limited or
    • non-existent, or where the primary need is for integration of
    • mission-configured components.
    • Molded front NVG mount, 4-position Ops-Core ARCTM Rails, and NEW Universal
    • Exterior Loop Lite Pattern
    • Vent holes for increased ventilation and water drainage
    • Improved blunt impact performance per ACH CO/PD 05-04: 2007
    • Non-ballistic high cut shell provides a low-cost alternative to the FAST Carbon
    • Available with one suspension/retention option
    • Includes Ops-Core Helmet Bag
    • Works in conjunction with locking and rotating adapters that utilize emergency
    • break-away features for airborne operations.
    • Upper ARC dovetail for devices like low-profile lights, video camera, visor,
    • mandible and up-armor side covers.
    • Corner ARC buckle receiver for gas and O2 mask strap kit attachments that
    • eliminate the bulk and clutter of traditional bayonet style mounts.
    • Lower ARC dovetail for devices like flip-out COM headset, battery pack, goggle
    • strap keeper, mandible and up-armor side covers.
    • Over-the-center side hook attachment for devices like illuminator, strobe light
    • and battery pack.
    • Meets the requirements of BS EN 1385: 2012 and Ops-Core PS-1145